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What It Means to Invest With Evergreen

With a keen investment approach, our objective is to develop a portfolio that meets your goals and the unique aspirations you have in mind. 

Together, We’ll Conduct:

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Risk Assessment & Current Portfolio Review

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Professional Investment Management with Reputable Independent Research

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Routine Rebalancing

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Socially/Environmentally Aware & Biblically Focused Portfolios

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Low-Cost, Tax Efficient Investments

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Flexibility with Existing Investments

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Customized Performance Reporting

Transparent Costs & Ongoing Conversations

If you’re an investment management client with over $250,000, your financial planning fees will be waived. 

See the table below for fee details.

Account Value Annual Fee
$0 - $250,000
$250,001 - $500,000
$500,001 - $1,000,000
$1,000,000 and Above

*Minimum annual fee of $300.

*Minimum assets under management requirement of $25,000.

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